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Jay Z shares a piece of our minds

In response to the current events that has us all hesitant to turn on any sort of media today for fear of hearing of yet another innocent black life lost Jay Z releases “Spiritual”.

jay-z-spiritualThe lyrics are very repetitive in points but the meaning gets deep over a simple dark beat accompanied by a haunting piano. The words and the accompaniment delivers a certain feeling of realness and sadness like very few other artists can. In this quick yet precise song you can see that our pain and frustrations are shared also by the Hip-Hop mogul.


Again simplicity says so much more here and accurately expresses what we all are feeling right now. Regardless of how we look us in the black community, especially our men, are seemingly labeled as dangerous and something tarnished and unworthy of the same righ to life and liberty as our white counterparts. Its crazy to see everything that is going on is now becoming some what of the norm now, almost like the Jim Crow 2.0.


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