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Marques Houston is a changed Man

You just might begin to rethink pretending you’re not home when Jehovah Witnesses are knocking at your door! You never know who might be sent out to do field service, maybe even Marques Houston.


Yes ladies Marques Houston! The same Marques Houston that melted our young hearts as Batman in R&B group Immature, the same one that still has us telling our friends to “Go home Roger!”, and of course how can we forget the hits he made as a solo artist. Naked and That Girl will always be classics in my book. However now he is making it very clear that he is serious in his new walk with his Instagram filled with pictures of him out and about servicing and spreading the word.

IMG_4698[1]Now his twitter handle as also been switched to ‘Brother Houston’. So now that leaves us all to wonder what’s next for the R&B star, like perhaps is there new music is a less secular genre to be expected? By the way did anyone watch A Weekend With The Family?

Quick reminder of how we first fell for Marques



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