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Black Activist Darren Seals Brutally Murdered in Missouri


A few weeks ago we created a column called #Staywoke that was comprised of mostly fictional accounts of interactions with police officers. Our goal was to put our readers in the zone of the stories of police brutality we see reported on the news. We wanted people to know what it feels like to be a victim of such attacks.  In our own way, we were attempting to use our talent – our penmanship – as a voice in the struggle. What if, as a result of our contribution to the struggle, we were targeted and exterminated for our voice? Well, that’s exactly what happened to noted activist, Darren Seals in Ferguson, Missouri. On Tuesday September 6, 2016,  Darren Seals was found shot, inside of a car that had been set on fire.

Darren Seals came to national prominence in the activist community in the wake of the Michael Brown assassination. He was a grassroots organizer that never allowed the light to go out on the injustices in Ferguson. He regularly attended town meetings and put pressure on the city’s officials to make change. He mobilized the citizens to get involved and was a well-known figure in the struggle for justice in Ferguson – a city the F.B.I. concluded had a practice of violating the constitutional rights of Blacks.  Darren Seals was also a staunch opponent of the Black Lives Matter movement which had descended upon his city as Ground Zero in the “new Civil Rights” movement. That’s what made him so dangerous.

To the mainstream media (Read: White People) BLM has become the scapegoat for all Black activism. In reality, the people really in the trenches of the struggle know and understand that BLM is not actually the voice of Black people. The BLM movement was hijacked a long time ago by White sympathizers like Hungarian billionaire and philanthropist, George Soros, who financed a huge part of the organization. Darren Seals was aware of this and railed against BLM regularly. (He even hit Deray McKesson – a nationally recognized face of the BLM movement -during a heated argument.) Darren Seals’ reluctance to fold under pressure, and his refusal to adopt the BLM narrative made him dangerous. After all, there is a lot of money behind the BLM movement, and there is a lot of people in high places that are determined to push a main narrative from the movement in the struggle for equal rights for Black people. For these people, history has shown that they believe it is easier to exterminate than to manipulate.

See, brother Seals isn’t the first activist to be shot and burned in his car. In 2014, 20-year-old activist, Deandre Joshua was found shot inside a burned car on the same night the grand jury chose not to indict officer Darren Wilson for assassinating Mike Brown. According to one activist, there have been five other Black men shot and burned inside a car since 2014. Despite the pattern, St. Louis county community spokesman, Shawn McGuire insists these are isolated incidents. (Of course, he’s a reliable source; the FBI even attested to St. Louis officials’ honesty.)

In the wake of the latest incidents in America involving citizens attacking police, there have been a number of radio and television hosts, lecturers, and outspoken advocates for justice and equal rights questioned by the F.B.I. In most incidents, they report that the F.B.I. questioned their views and inquired about them being a part of “subversive” groups. Hmmm. . . sounds like a familiar narrative developing here. Cointelpro anyone?

The tragic death of Darren Seals demonstrates to us just how careful we have to be in these trying times. #staywoke

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