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TI Shows Reverse Racism In New Video


Rapper T.I has a new song called War Zone, and it’s catching all of the attention it deserves. The 64 award winner has taken his platform and used it to show that police brutality against African Americans is not right. In this video he shows the unjust killings of Philando Castle, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, but the gag is he depicts the victims as white, and the police are African Americans. This powerful video sends a message of the harsh and biased acts towards African Americans. T.I. explained to NBCBLK that this video is for people “who chant All Lives Matter.”


With the help of director Laurel Richardson, T.I. responds to the police brutality but makes sure that the opposed were not able to go against the message. “We wanted to give them the least amount of ammunition to oppose our message. And the way to do that, we thought, was to go with the most atrocious of all of the travesties. And don’t get me wrong, there are still more that are equally atrocious, but for the purposes of our video … those were the ones that seemed most effective.”

If you follow T.I. on any social media sites, you will see how active he is on this topic. He uses his platform to speak up on the unjust acts towards African Americans. War Zone is not the first piece of action by T.I., but well appreciated. Check out War Zone:

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