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T.I. Creates Soundtrack For the Struggle With New EP


Last week we told you about Atlanta rapper T.I.’s new video for his song “War Zone” which boldly and vividly flipped the roles of racism. Well, the former trap star took things a step further and released a whole EP/ mixtape of scathing lyrical commentary and angst about the current state of the Black community. With HARD beats, conscious yet raw lyrics, and a call to action chastising all the wanabe gangstas in the streets, Us or Else can rightfully serve as the soundtrack to the struggle for equal rights Black people are currently engaged in. With brutal murders being carried out on camera by violent police officers almost daily, Black people are fed up. This album exemplifies that frustration perfectly.  This is no apologist music, no smoothed-out Marvin Gaye musing. Rather, this is in-your-face music to move to – the perfect backdrop to a movement. With this album, T.I. – who has a very successful VH1 show – courageously stood tall and risked it all by using his art to lend a voice to the unjust killings by police officers.

Now, if only other rappers will take heed and bite that.

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