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MakeUp x BreakUp with Eric Dickens



These days dating can be difficult for us, but Eric Dickens makes it look like it makes sense with his show MakeUp x BreakUp. Originating from West Philly, Eric took his talents to New York for New School University and captured a different scene. With the crazy life of New York and its social scene, Eric decided to tell the story through the millennials. Eric uses MakeUp x BreakUp to show the Brooklyn scene and the different social settings. “The New York scene is so dense that you can be in a relationship one day, break up today, go to a social setting tomorrow, and end up with someone else that fast.”




Eric explains that life happens in the dating, and he wanted to show that. The stories in Make Up x Break Up stem from friends relationships and personal situations, making the show relatable. “The endings are the most enjoyable to write because you get to explore things you didn’t say or wish you could say.”  This “Feel Good Drama” shows that Brooklyn scene and captures its audience with the music. “The music makes the scene more intense.” The music in the show is one of the most important aspects of the show for Eric. He gets feels from 90s R&B music, and music socials like New York’s SOBs. He explains that the music shows and tells some things that cannot be written.


Though this is not his first time creating a web series with Second Quarter, Eric confesses that he learned from the downfall of that web series. He learned from his mistakes and created a millennial masterpiece from there. “All of this is from teamwork.” Eric gives credit to his Cinematographer, Production Assistant, Graphic Designer, and cast. Teamwork made the dream work for these guys.

Though the web series is on its first season, their promising feedback has them thinking about big things for the future. Continuing with a season two, Eric explains that by season three they will hopefully be picked up by a network. (It’ll happen).

Eric’s advice to us is in the same field is to keep wrting. “Rewrite until you can’t rewrite anymore, and Plan.”

To figure out how to handle a situation of your own, or maybe you like drama, follow the show on social media.

Twitter: @MakeUpNBreakUp   Facebook: MakeupandBreakupSeries Instagram: @MakeUpandBreakUpSeries

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