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Singing Cashier Gets Surprise Message From Maxwell Inviting Him on Stage

A Dollar General cashier from Lansing, Michigan, is reaping the rewards for singing while he works.

Lucas Holliday was caught on camera singing Maxwell’s “Ascension” while checking out a customer, and the video has nearly a whopping 500 million views.

Today he received the surprise of a lifetime on “Good Morning America,” with a personal message from Maxwell inviting him on stage to perform with him at his Detroit concert on Friday night.

“Hey Lucas, this is Max. I saw your video,” the singer said in a recorded message. “You’re singing ‘Ascension.’ You sound unbelievable. I wanted to personally invite you on stage at my Detroit show, this Friday, and hopefully you’ll join us. And congratulations. You have a sick, amazing voice.”

An overwhelmed Holliday was shocked by the offer, covering his mouth with both hands in disbelief.

“Please, yes, please, please, please, lord please,” the 26-year-old mustered out after the news began to sink in.




He has a reputation for singing to his customers “who know” about his amazing vocal talents.

“It’s a crazy thing,” he said. “Somebody will come in and I might be humming or something like this, but all of a sudden I might burst out if they ask me … sometimes I get a little blue, a little gloomy when I’m working, busy or whatever, stressed, you know how it is. And in any case I’ll just bust out and it’s crazy to watch people spread that kind of positivity. It’s beautiful.”

Holliday is in a funk/blues band called “Tell Yo Mama.” He said his band may be playing at an upcoming wedding thanks to the success of his viral video.

The humbled Holliday also performed a special rendition of Luther Vandross’ “A House is Not a Home” on “GMA.”

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