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Women’s Empowerment Leader: Shonda B. White

Ever since Shonda White was young, she was a leader. “I was that girl in high school who was the captain of everything!” She led her church’s choir at the age of 13 and she was homecoming queen. Shonda was basically destined to be a leader and the woman she is today. “I remember telling my best friend that I’d write a book,” and fast forward to 2016, Shonda has two books under her belt.

Though she always knew she’d be this successful, Shonda had other dreams as well. “You could not tell me I was not going to be a back-up dancer.” Though that did not work out, Shonda tried out to be a background dancer for Ciara, and Ciara told her she was a good dancer. Goals! The dancing did not work out, but Shonda’s talents brought her to inspiring and helping others. When asked how she considered herself, she said “Women’s Empowerment Leader.” It’s no secret that Shonda has a positive voice for women, giving insight on love, relationships, and marriage. “I just love helping people, that’s why I’m here.”

Though Shonda gives insight on many things, if she had to choose a subject to be of help, it would be relationships. “It’s the foundation of everything. If the relationship is broken it messes you up.”

Shonda takes personal experiences and gives insights on the do’s and don’ts of life and relationships. She explains that people look at her and think everything is perfect. She writes to explain to people the process of her blessings. People need to feel that they are not alone, and Shonda gives them that comfort. With her new book, Don’t Be A Wife To A Boyfriend, she puts all women on game. The first thing she teaches us is self-love.

Continuing with the life coaching, Shonda shares that her married supporters are feeling neglected. She plans on putting out a book for married women, as well as a motivational book for all her supporters. Shonda has been working towards her goal for years. From beginning a blog in 2008 to releasing her second book in 2016, Shonda inspires us all.

“Do what you can to get better at your craft,” is the advice that Shonda leaves with us. To get more motivation follow her on Twitter : @ShondaBWhite and check out her book on Amazon: Don’t Be A Wife To A Boyfriend.

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