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Book Review: ‘Gone ‘Til November’ by Lil’ Wayne


I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not a real big Weezy fan. Can he spit? Yes. Is he a legend? Yes, an icon maybe. My thing with Wayne is how he has this huge platform and continues to deflect at every chance to make a profound statement in the state of current affairs. Additionally, as an author, I normally take artistic umbrage when celebrities swerve into our lane, just as they take umbrage when people who haven’t paid their dues swerve into theirs. Therefore, I was admittedly bias and skeptical when I picked up this book, ‘Gone Til November.’ Imagine my surprise when I discovered the book is really GOOD!!!

First of all, the design of the book is genius. It literally looks like a hardback journal notebook with Lil’ Wayne’s words written on the page. Not typed – written. Dope! Reading the book is the equivalent of diving into the mind of one of the greatest artists of all time. The crazy thing is, after a few pages, it feels like you are reading the journal of just a regular inmate doing time. As a former subject to the same conditions, I can attest to the veracity of his words. Prison is just like Lil’ Wayne described, with a few caveats. Instead of the regular ’round the way chick banging the man of her dude on lockdown, Wayne’s betrayal came from a popular video vixen. The man in question? Drizzy Drake. Instead of the big homie from the block dropping through to pay you a visit as promised being a thousandaire, Wayne’s big homie that kept his word was multimillionaire, P. Diddy.

In short, the book is a literary jewel for its simplicity and its candor. Definitely worth checking out. We give this read 4 books (5 if you are a Lil’ Wayne fan.)


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