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All Hail the Queen: 3D Na’tee

Remember when femcees had crazy lyrical skills, integrity, a lot of consciousness and sex appeal? Think, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah  (okay, well maybe not the sex appeal part there but you get the point), Lauryn Hill, and Remy Ma. Fortunately, it appears those days are coming back.  We know that Remy Ma has been smashing things for the femcees since she came home. However, bubbling beneath the surface for at least the past five years was another talented femcee, just as deadly and lethal.  Lyrical skills? Check. Content? Check. Sex appeal? Double-check! Ladies and Gentleman,  meet 3D Na’tee.

Hailing from the Crescent City, 3D Na’tee has been tearing up the hip-hop scene,  repping the streets with her rapid-fire flow, brash punchlines, and wicked delivery. What separates Na’tee from most female artists is that she pretty much has built a buzz all on her own. No co-signs or crew love endorsements for her. (In fact, she walked away from a deal with mega-producer, Timbaland a few years back.) The rapper/writer/ director of most of her own videos, 3D Na’tee has a grind like no other. Her grind paid off last year when she signed with Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind’s All Def Digital record label. But for 3D Na’tee, the grind has not stopped there. After dropping her debut album,  The Regime simultaneously with her book entitled, Feelosophies, 3D na’tee has shown no signs of slowing down. She has been killing mics like propofol on Sway in the Morning and the  BET hip-hop cipher, and presides over her very own 3D Na’tee mobile app where she engages her fans and listeners with new content weekly. In fact, what makes Na’tee so impactful is the way that she interacts with her fans via her popular social media sites. To her fans, 3D Na’tee is just a girl from New Orleans who is living her dream, and she allows her fans to go along for the ride through her series, Out The Mud. Always looking to break barriers and boundaries, 3D Na’tee is hosting her own concert via live stream on January 10, 2017 at www.3dNa’ If you want to see what she is all about, tune in.

Watch 3D Na’tee kill it in this video!

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