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A Black Man’s Curiosity With The Swirl

Recently, news broke of tennis megastar, Serena Williams’ engagement to Alexis Ohanian. Immediately, the criticism began – first as a whisper, then as a full-fledged roar. She couldn’t find any good Black men to marry?! Why the sisters going over to the white man? Yada yada yada… While it is great that Serena appears to have found her husband, I believe that her discovery should prompt a deeper discussion in our community. Namely, what’s up with the swirl???

Interracial marriages are nothing new, especially in sports and entertainment. The Black male celebrity marrying broke white women is almost as cliche as Apple Pie is to America. However, rich Black female celebrities marrying white men is somewhat new. True, Black women have been marrying white men since Tom and Helen on The Jefferson’s, but Black women marrying white men worth considerably less than them is something fairly new. Serena Williams, Zoe Saldana, Stacy Dash, and Garcelle Beauvais have all married non-Black men that are worth less money than them. Unlike the others, we know that Serena Williams have dated Black men that “average” Black women swoon over and would probably marry at the drop of a bouquet. So why no engagement? Well, apparently Serena feels that White men treat her better than any Black man ever did.

Hmm… interesting.

I wonder how she treats the white men she dated compared to the Black men she dated? I’m just curious, because as a Black man, I hear numerous Black women wax poetic about how good a white man would treat them. Yet, they give the Black man they are with hell. (To be fair, I hear Black men say the same nonsense.) As a Black man that love my sisters, I wonder how bad our women have been treated to feel as if the solution to their happiness is in dating someone of another race? As a conscious Black man, I wonder if the sisters who denigrate us in exchange for someone of another race understand that her brothers have been systematically disenfranchised and stripped of our ability to be adequate providers (in general.) As a Black man, I wonder if our sisters know that if they treated us with the same dignity and respect they treat their white partners with, chances are, we will be good to them as well. As a Black man, I wonder if our sisters are aware of the atrocities that were historically perpetrated upon them by lascivious white men as a means of pleasure and control, all while we were forced to look on helplessly. I wonder if our sisters even care that we care.

Additionally, I wonder if sisters recognize the hypocritical double-standard that seems to accompany their prevailing thought that a white man can make them happier than their brothers? What double-standard, you ask? Ok, Serena Willimas is worth $150 million. Her fiance is worth $4 million. Let that sink in a moment. . . When is the last time you saw a Black woman worth 150 mil marry a Black man worth 4 mil? Hell, when is the last time you saw a Black woman worth 150K marry a man worth 4k? I’ll wait… Just a few months ago, sisters were dragging Kendu through the mud because he wanted a piece of the pie he helped the queen MJB build. I guess this goes down smooth because Alexis is white, and we know a white man ain’t going to marry a Black woman for her money. Right? Another double-standard? Alexis Ohanian founded one of the most racist websites online. His site, Reddit,  regularly reinforces Black stereotypes, while fostering and supporting Alt-Right rhetoric. Yet, no one is taking Serena’s fiance to task like they did Nate Parker for his artistic expression. Again, I guess it’s okay since he is white and beyond reproach by Black people.

In closing, for the record, I AM NOT AGAINST INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE, per se. However, I feel strongly about interracial marriages when it is done primarily because one race thinks that the other race’s ice is colder, particularly when it is done at the expense of the degradation of Black men. #staywoke

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