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The 4 Times Rapper, TI Was Woke

With the growing, never-ending racial tension, and the bigotry of our new president, Donald Trump, we need to stick together. People have protested many ways. We’ve done marches and sit ins. We take to social media to express how we feel by using memes, gifs, and hashtags. Sometimes we feel unheard, but lately we’ve been going strong. The Women’s March was phenomenal, with 4 million people participating in different cities. We have celebrities speaking up during speeches and music. One artist that has been using his power to voice his political views is rapper  T.I. He is not afraid to voice his political views, making sure we stay woke with him. These are the times T.I. was woke.

TI’s Open Letter to Barack Obama

Early January, TI submitted an open letter via New York Times to our 44th President, Barack Obama. Like most of us,  TI was sad to see him leave office, but shared how grateful he is to have had such a gracious president. He ended his open letter saying “We will  forever be grateful to you and your family, the graceful and intelligent compassionate first lady. Mrs. Obama, as well as your beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia for their collective sacrifices for US.”  TI shares that though Obama is no longer in office, we will still fight for change, because “Yes, We still can!”

TI’s Open Letter to Donald Trump


After his open letter to Barack Obama, TI creates an open letter to Donald Trump days before his inauguration.  He explains to Trump that this is a hard time for America having him as president, and also hoped he does his job the right way. He speaks of darkness and explains that sometimes we are put in a position where we have to adapt to our environment. He tells Trump, “So when we speak of darkness, we cannot and must not forget the source of the darkness.” He ends his open letter with a question, “When the stage is dark and the lights and cameras are off . . . Who are you? And more importantly, who do you want to be?”

TI’s Open Letter to Us

This was the third letter in his open letter series and it was dedicated to US. He began the letter with expressing how he too could be to blame for the effects of today. “I also cant help but question my contribution to the status of where we are. I understand that I too have been guilty of doing the very things that put us here.” This letter to us was for us to look in the mirror and understand that we must take responsibility as well. “You see we’ve somehow allowed ourselves to think it’s okay to neglect and abandon our responsibility to ourselves and to our community. Everything cannot be blamed on THE SYSTEM.  He explains that luxuries are not important, but education is, but also education outside of the school. Helping our communities is more important than going to the club or buying designers. He ends this letter to us with a feeling of hope. “I know what it’s like to feel hopeless . . . but even more importantly than knowing all of these things, I know what it’s like to overcome’em.”

  1. TI’s Instagram Responses to celebrities meeting with Donald Trump. He is not here for it, calling it a Willie Lynch Agenda. Steve Harvey, Kanye West, and MLK’s son met up with Trump, and TI said these things:

Ok so this how it all breaks down guys…. Be aware Be alert or Be bamboozled. #USorELSE pt.2

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