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Goapele’s debut film #WhereIsBeauty screens at 25th annual Pan African Film Festival

LOS ANGELES, CA  –  Singer-Songwriter, Goapele delivers in a breath of fresh air performance with independent film, #WhereIsBeauty.  Officially selected to premiere at the 25th anniversary of the Pan African Film Festival, the female-dominated film serves as “Chicken Soup for the Soul” for millennial women of color defining their beauty on social media.  The film screens at the festival Friday, February 10th at 3pm and Wednesday, February 15th at 1pm inside the RAVE Cinemark Theatre at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. To purchase tickets go to

#WhereIsBeauty targets multi-cultural women addressing the issues of self-identity, transformation and the pressure of social media. Goapele stars as the lead character, Nina, a visual artist on a journey of self-discovery capturing inspiration in her community through SnapChat.  Her performance shares in the true to life images of beauty that women face every single day.  In today’s society, social media tends to dictate what defines beauty, however #WhereIsBeauty calls women to action; challenging all women to define beauty for themselves and be confident in the skin they’re in.  The film was written by April Mabry and directed by first-time filmmaker Angela McCrae, who both had past success co-producing Erika Alexander and Kim Coles’ buddy web series The BFF Chronicles.  The film credits a predominantly female crew, which include producer Angela White, cinematographer Melody C. Miller , production manager Brittney Boston, production designer Claudia De Guzman and woman gaffer Taryn Roraback.


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