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On The Plus Side: “Ask Auntie” Presents A New Brand Of Advice

Michelle Cuttino - Ask Auntie


On December 15, 2016, Ask Auntie debuted on, following its original premiere on YouTube earlier that year. Ask Auntie steadily gained momentum as viewers tuned in to hear the candid, and oftentimes comical, advice of Aunties Landa, Fran, and Wendy.


On The Plus Side (OTPS) went behind the scenes, to find out more about the show, and the women behind its success.


OTPS: Tell us how Ask Auntie became a new series.

Ask Auntie: We took a family trip to Paris last summer with some of our nieces and nephews. One night, while at a hookah bar, we ran into a friend who happened to work in Centric’s digital department. He had seen our show, and was a huge fan. We talked for a while, catching each other up on life, and discussing a potential collaboration. Later that night, the hookah bar turned into a night club, and while going to the bar for drinks, a group of French guys stopped us asking if we were “The Aunties”. When we replied yes, they told us how much they loved our show, and invited us to their VIP section. We don’t remember much else, but the rest is history…


OTPS: What is the concept behind Ask Auntie?

Ask Auntie: When you can’t ask your mother, ask your auntie! We aim to be a source of truth and support in times of need, offering sound advice and comedic relief over a few cocktails.


OTPS: Which Auntie are you, and what do you bring to the show?

Ask Auntie:

I am Auntie Landa, and I bring fire and flare to the show. I am the funny, know-it-all Auntie who truly knows it all. I’ve lived a lot and have a lot of opinions to share!

I am Auntie Fran, and I bring color to the show!

I am Auntie Wendy, and I bring a reassuring voice of reason to the show!


OTPS: How would you describe your brand of advice?

Ask Auntie:

Auntie Landa: My advice to the world is stand up in your convictions! I always give straight to the point, no chaser advice to our nieces and nephews. I really don’t spare feelings, because it’s a hard cold world out there, so no need to sugar coat anything. I only give the facts as I know them to be!

Auntie Fran: I’m the profound Auntie. My advice is well rounded and multi-sided. It’s not just for the niece or nephew asking the question, I also consider those that may be impacted by the advice I give.

Auntie Wendy: My advice is motherly without guilt or shame. People have real life problems and natural curiosities. They should be able to ask an opinion without feeling silly or ashamed.


OTPS: Who do you hope will benefit most from your advice?

Ask Auntie:

Auntie Landa: I want to help our nieces and nephews, because we all need advice sometimes, and usually it’s easier to talk to a stranger than a person you know.  I love people, and if I can help just one person out there, then my job was done. Being that I have lived a pretty adventurous life, I feel I can help with quite a few things. I especially love relationship questions, because I am a hopeless romantic!  If it doesn’t work out the first time, move on to the next one. (Catch the next bus, as my momma used to say!)  Ladies we’re sitting on a gold mine and the world is ours!

Auntie Fran: I would like to help everyone, but if I had to choose, I want to help my nieces and nephews that have grown up without a mother. As a woman, who has lost her mother before turning into a teenager, I relied on aunt-like figures to guide me through my journey into womanhood. And I must say, the result is spectacular!

Auntie Wendy: I want to help everyone, because if you ask me what my life’s purpose is, I always respond the same way: “To be a mother to all.” Sometimes you just need a hug and a pat on the back to get you through your day.


OTPS: How can readers contact/and or follow each of you?

Ask Auntie: Nieces and nephews, please send any comments or questions to

Also like our Ask Auntie Facebook page: Ask Auntie on Facebook

Follow us on:

Instagram: Ask Auntie on Instagram

Twitter: Ask Auntie on Twitter

Snapchat: Ask_Auntie

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Ask Auntie on YouTube


Michelle Cuttino - Ask Auntie

OTPS: Where can readers tune in to the show?

Ask Auntie: Our upcoming season will be featured on in the entertainment section, as well as Centric TV’s Facebook page.

You can always get the latest update on where to watch by following the Ask Auntie Facebook page: Ask Auntie on Facebook

You can also watch past seasons of Ask Auntie on our website: Ask Auntie Official Website



Check out their first Episode here:

Ask Auntie on 



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