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Singer Kelly Rowland Expecting A Baby Too?


Well not an actual baby but…

Kelly Rowland speaks openly and honestly in her debut book ( her baby) for moms about motherhood. The book, Whoa Baby is due out this Spring and is just a realistic approach to motherhood and all of the changes that comes with it.

According to her book publisher’s website, in Whoa Baby!, Rowland and her ob-gyn Dr. Tristan Emily Bickman team up to cover everything a first-time mom needs to know. That means the gross physical stuff, the hormonal and emotional stuff, and the just plain weird stuff.

Whoa, Baby! is often hilarious and always honest and down-to-earth. Readers will empathize with the candid unglamorous experiences of parenting. From falling asleep with the pump on to swollen legs and lack of sleep.

Yep, Rowland and Dr. Bickman tackles all topics that might plague a new mother. So the million dollar question, what prompted this book? Well, when Kelly gave birth to her son, it was love at first sight. But she was also a little freaked out about what had happened to her body and the overwhelming new thoughts and emotions. So why not write a book about it.

LitIsh asks will you read this book?


Title: Whoa Baby

ISBN 13: 97807382194240

ISBN 10: 0738219428

Publisher: Da Capo Lifeling Books

Release Date:4/11/2017

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