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Get Out touches on racism in a psychological way


Ending Black History Month the correct way, actor Jordan Peele releases his movie Get Out. This movie has only been out for three days and it already causing a frenzy. The first day, this thriller scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Get Out touches on racism, followed by fear and paranoia. The movie shows the uncomfortable racist moments that happen, as well as the awkward conversations between the two races.

During an Interview with BET, the casts from the movie, Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams touch on how the movie shows blind spots with race. Allison explains that she understands that she will never know how it is to live in someone else’s body. Allison jokes and calls herself white and privileged, but she understands that this movie shows the truth to certain situations she would not have known. Daniel, being African American, explains how it plays on the psychological aspect of racism. People from other races may say something, and that’s when things unravel between the two races. You begin to ask yourself, “was what they said racist?” or “Am I overthinking this comment?” Jordan Peele made sure he created a conversation starter with this movie.

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