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Book Review: Dear Women I Haven’t Slept With

Every now and then there comes along a book that blurs the line of fiction and nonfiction, a book so entertaining and true that it’s hard to draw the line between fact and fiction. Dear Women I Haven’t Slept With  by Bryant Buntin is one of those books. The book is about a popular blogger and radio host, Antonio Cise, that dishes cavalier thoughts about relationships, women, and love on his platforms until he is compelled to eat his own words when he discovers his wife cheating. Forced back out into the dating game, Antonio discovers that things have changed in the dating world. Antonio takes readers on a journey of male self-discovery while, ironically, hipping a young woman to the games men play. He also holds no punches on speaking about how women are equally as conniving as men. In fact, that is this book’s strength – an unabashed look into the male psych. Mr. Buntin didn’t attempt to cater to female readers by making them seem like angels (as some authors who pander to their female base do.) Conversely, he didn’t woman bash in the book either. He simply dropped a raw, hard view at the state of relationships today. This book is hilariously entertaining, well-written, and educational too. For that, I give this novel 4 1/2 books.

As an extension of his book’s marketing campaign, Mr. Buntin created a very informative and entertaining social media page to accompany the book where he pose questions for related to the book and real life relationships. Check it out on IG @dearwomenihaventsleptwith


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