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5 days of Women’s History Month with 5 Women

Ladies and Gentlemen, after coming from a strong Black History Month, we have now entered March.

March is just as important because this month we celebrate Women’s History Month. This month we celebrate the paths that we dominated and continue to dominate. Though Beyonce told us that girls, in fact, rule the world, we’ll take this month as a form of a thank you for all the sacrifices we take. We get caught in the middle of unfair double standards, we get paid less at work even though we do more, and not to mention we push human beings out of our bodies. We face adversity and still push through life with 6-inch heels and a smile. With Only 5 days into March, below are a couple women who have been representing for the ladies in March.


Issa Rae

From awkward black girl to poppin’ black girl. Issa Rae came through with Insecure

and was honored by the Final Draft Awards.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis is the first black actress to reach the trifecta!

She now has an Emmy, a Tony, and an Oscar.

Taraji P. Henson

Cookie, Katherine Johnson, or Taraji P. Henson? We cannot decide who we love more.

Taraji has been killing it and continues to amaze us with her wonderful and colorful vibes, on and off screen.

Ava DuVernay

Ava has shown us that it is okay to take your time.

She did not pick up a camera until she was 33 and now she is gracefully taking over.


Rihanna has been checking off every list in entertainment. Hit songs, great albums, fashionista, and model.

On top of all that, she just excepted Harvard’s Humanarium of the Year Award.


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