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K’wan Foye

The creative gene is definitely something that is passed down and as K’wan said, if you do not notice it now, it will “hit you on your own time.”

Some authors will tell you how they began being a writer in the simplest love story: I picked up a pen and started writing and have not put the pen down since then. For K’wan the story was not that heartwarming. His mother, who was also a writer, was sick from cancer around the time he began to write. Some people use music to find ease and others participate in a form of exercise to relieve pain. K’wan started writing as a form of therapy to help get through his mother’s sickness. So, when asked who inspired him to write, his answer would be, “My mom inspired me.”

But how he became an author was a complete accident. While doing self-publication research for his mother, he reached out to several people and one person responded. Next thing he knows, he’s sending pieces of his book, and fast forward into three weeks, he was being managed and published. 2002 marked the beginning of K’wan carrying the torch for his mother and releasing his first book entitled Gangsta.

Urban Fiction was the genre given to K’wan, but he knew that title did not fit his writing. People often told him he did not look like a writer, even though there is no particular uniform. “I’m fresh from the streets, I walked in with a dickie suit and Chuck Taylors.” Because of his look, they classified him as hip-hop literature. K’wan soon changed his genre to Crime Novelist. “All my books are about a crime being committed or solved.” These interesting topics stem from what he sees daily. To prepare to write his ritual includes music and a window. “All my books were written looking out a window.” This way he would recreate what he saw.

Though K’wan has had a successful career in being a Crime Novelist, his hustle will never stop. He started selling his books from his car whether it was rain, sleet, or snow. Now, due to technology and social media, it is easier. It went from 5 main authors he knew to a new author every day. “I have to keep my spot on the bookshelves.” K’wan shared that authors are not appreciative and humbled by their success. He wants to share that critics and readers who give feedback are a positive aspect of your art. “Critics help, don’t have me looking crazy. If there is any way I can grow from my writing, let me know,” he demanded.

K’wan stressed being humble and appreciative while being successful and how we all should grasp those characteristics. “Writing is the most natural thing I ever did,” and for those who work their dream jobs or do what they love, you can all relate. To check out K’wan Foye’s book collection, visit his website,

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