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Dave Chappelle Returns!

He’s back! Over a decade ago, after reaching legendary status as a comedian, Dave Chappelle walked away from the game – and 50 million dollars. After his hugely successful sketch comedy show The Chappelle Show blew up on Comedy Central, the network offered the comedian a 50 million dollar deal for new seasons of the show. Chappelle, disillusioned with Hollywood, declined the offer. He ventured to Africa on a voyage of self-discovery, and a quest to cement his family ties. People called him crazy to walk away from that type of money. However, Chappelle stuck to his guns and kept faith in himself. See, when you know you are nursing a rare talent, money is just the reward, never the motivation. While detractors called him crazy, Chappelle got himself together and prepared for his triumphant return. That time is now!

Last year it was announced that streaming network giant, Netflix, paid Dave Chappelle a whopping 60 million dollars for three comedy specials! The first two of those comedy specials – dropped today (March 21, 2017) on Netflix. The standup shows reveal a more mature yet candid Chappelle. The social commentary is still there, yet the delivery is less juvenile. His content has been updated to reflect current events like the tangerine in the White House, but as always, he makes you think about things in a unique way.

In life, there is nothing sweeter than a good comeback story. Dave Chappelle has done just that. Not only did he receive 10 million doallrs more than he walked away from in 2005, he also received a peace of mind to cultivate then display his raw talent. And that, cannot be quantified in dollars in cents. All hail the king of comedy!

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