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Misogynistic is a strong word to describe Kendrick Lamar

Salenna Russello did a study on The Impact of Media Exposure on Self-Esteem and Body Satisfaction in Men and Women and through her research, she found that women do feel pressured to look a certain way because of the media. Because of that exposure, women want to look perfect when there is no such thing. On top of the media agenda setting their view on what women should look like, music videos show a perfect looking girl with lyrics describing what a pretty girl looks like. Women here that they should have long hair, light skin, a small waist, and a big butt. Being thin is great as well as being thick, but only in the correct places.

It was American Dramatist Clare Boothe Luce who said, “No good deed goes unpunished.” This quote connects with Good Kid Madd City creator, Kendrick Lamar. When you think of a misogynistic rapper, would Kendrick be on your list? Would he be on the same list as Nelly, the man who swiped a credit card down a woman’s behind or even Lil Wayne, who drops the word “hoe’ so frequently? Snoop Dog literally said “Bitches ain’t sh*t but hoes and tricks / Lick on these nuts and suck the d*ck.” Referring to a man who chooses to praise the natural look of a woman and ditch the perfect woman seems backward, no?

Kendrick dropped Humble and everyone appreciated a song they could get lit to in the gym, pre-game to, or dance to in the club. “We gone be alright!” turned into “Hol’up, bitch. Sit down. Be humble.” In the midst of getting everyone hyped and shutting down his competition, Kendrick shared his preference of a woman.

“Im so fckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop

Show me somethin’ natural like afro on

Richard Pryor

Show me somethin’ natural like ass with

Some stretch marks

Still will take you down right on your mama’s

couch in Polo socks”


While he raps those lyrics, the video shows a visual. There is a split screen of him and a dolled up girl. As he expresses his interest in the natural aspect of women, the two switch sides and she now showed unfiltered with natural skin and blown out hair. The next scene also shows Kendrick split screened with an unfiltered back side of a woman.


Kendrick is explaining his preference, which is not wrong and not misogynistic. The media put pressure on women and Kendrick is trying to have their back. Kendrick told them that they are attractive when they are bare and natural. Nowhere in there is evidence of prejudice against women.

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