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Get to know Lady Qetesh

 “Writing has always been my passion.”

Lady Qetesh’s love for writing is strong and is definitely felt through those words. With a background in English and education, Lady Qetesh went on to be a teacher. I know what you’re thinking, “but her passion is writing.” Well, she decided to follow that passion and now she has two novels out. Since 2012, Lady Qetesh has been on a roll with Lies, Sin, and Desire, Lies, Sin, and Desire 2.

These adult books are full of imagination and erotica. When asked where her ideas stemmed from, she said “I have no idea.” Some authors explain how their imagination come from real life and their experiences, but Qetesh’s stories are straight from the brain. She calls this an “imagination takeover.” With so many creative stories, Litish wondered if Qetesh gets writer’s block. “I don’t know what it is, but it’s’ always after page 100 that I get stuck.” For some us, writer’s block comes and it’s so hard to get rid of like an oil stain from your pants. Lady Qetesh has cure and ritual for her writing, and it involves R&B singer The Weeknd. The Weekend keeps the creative juices flowing and with every album he has dropped, Qetesh has dropped a book.

Books are not the only thing that Qetesh will be conquering and she shared this from her writing challenge list. Next on her list is turning her words into action on the big screen. We have not doubt that she will do this being that she crossed off other things from her writing challenge list.

Aspiring and current writers should all be in a creative space and continue to challenge themselves like Lady Qetesh. Her advice to everyone is to “follow your heart, just do it, and sit down and write.” She explained that being able to entertain someone through your words is a gift. Take advantage of your gift. For more positive energy from Lady Qetesh, her Facebook is filled with amazing quotes.

For more information on Lady Qetesh follow her on Twitter.

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