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Book Review: Secrets of a Jewel

Usually “socialites” have little to no talent, other than being connected to a famous BFF. (Think: any Kardashian sister.) However, don’t lump Juliet “Juju” C. in that category though. The Love & Hip Hop cast member and fiance of Harlem rapper, Killa Cam, recently released her first book entitled, Secrets of a Jewel and it is a hit! Part memoir, part self-help, the book sizzles with tantalizing stories of lust, greed, and acceptance that all women can relate to. The book came as a result of her very popular Instagram series called Juju’s Jewels, in which she offered her followers relationship advice. In a stroke of genius, Juju parlayed that column into a very informative, entertaining book. She created 13 characters that represent 13 female archetypes and weaved a brief yet vivid story of their relationship struggles. At the conclusion of each story, she offers her advice on overcoming the relationship snafus.

For example, the book opens up with Brenda the Booty Call. Just as the name implies, Brenda is a woman who is in a “relationship” with a man that only visits her after the sun goes down. Brenda longs for fulfillment and recognition from her bae, but she doesn’t realize she never demanded more in the beginning therefore she is trapped in a cycle of drive-by sex and wet pillows. Juju offers Brenda advice on breaking the cycle and claiming her validation. Following Brenda’s story is Drunk Danielle, Settling Selena, Paranoid Paula, and a host of other archetypes. It is impossible for women not to find a character in this book that doesn’t speak to them – who they are or who they have been. The stories are told with the emotional details of a seasoned pen(wo)man. It’s hard to believe that this is Juju’s first book! This definitely shouldn’t be her last. I can easily see her turning any of these stories into a full-fledged novel. (Hint, Hint.)

As a man reading this book, it was interesting to see the thoughts of so many women whom I have interacted with over the years. I must admit that I have dealt with most of these women in some capacity, sometimes the same woman were a combination of these archetypes. It was eye-opening to see their side of the equation. Yes, it’s that kind of book. Very refreshing, very raw, and very enlightening. Overall, this is a great read. This is the first book I am giving 5 Books.  (We give books instead of stars at #Litish.)

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