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T.I. with less talk and more action with US or Else short film.

Bring Em Out artist, T.I. is not one to just talk and complain about issues.


T.I has voiced his thoughts on police brutality, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and a call for action for the United States. His Instagram rants never go unnoticed and his letters to former president Barack Obama and current leader, Donald Trump were pleasant to read.

In the mist of all of the words, Atlanta artist has showed us all that he serious about what he talks about. T.I. released a short film on BET in efforts of tackling police brutality. This short film is Part 3 of T.I.’s US or Else series. In September 2016, the hip hop artist released the US or Else EP. Following the EP he released US or Else: A Letter to the System, which is a full length album.  During this short film, he plays three important rolls, a civilian from the hood, a cop, and a pastor. The short film focuses on what each character goes through in this situation and after the situation.

During his efforts of participating in community engagement to help the youth, people criticize the rapper for his street lyrics that target drugs and violence. Sometimes people want to point the finger on what makes the issue worse and not see who is trying to fix the issue.  People grow, and when T.I. started his career he rapped about things that he went through. Moving forward in hiscareer, T.I. has won several awards and started an acting career all while nurturing a family. His life has changed and so has is actions.

T.I. has been about that action when it comes to voicing his thoughts on issues in the black community. T.I. explained to CNN that “Police brutality is really just a tentacle to a larger problem — the racial divide and the systemic racism that goes on from the highest of highs to the lowest of the low of society in America.” Can he add activist to resume?

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