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Ashley Antoinette

It is always interesting to hear how and why authors started their journey.

Ashley started off with bae goals writing with her husband JaQuavius. During a depressing time for the two, JaQuavius used writing as a tool to ease the pain. The two entered a writing content and have not looked back since then. They did not win the contest, but they merged their stories together, and out came Dirty Money. At the age of 18, the two were a part of a book deal.

With over 40 novels on her resume and The New York’s bestseller list to match, Ashley shows us that there is no such thing as too successful. To keep her creative juices flowing, Ashley challenges herself to 5,000 words a day. By watching the rate that she is going, that does not sound like a bad idea. Her Prada Plan series is one of her many achievements. This street fiction author takes her environment and puts it in a novel. “I pull from my life and piece of me in my writing.”

“When I am done, I am psychically, emotionally, and spiritually drained. I put my all into it.”

Ashley was also involved in writing for VH1’s Single Ladies series. The show had a gap in between seasons, and Ashley was asked to fill in that by writing short story series based around the characters. From VH1 to getting deals with Warner Brothers Studios and NBC/Universal, Ashley has shown us how confidence in craft and hard work can take you.

Ashley tells young writers to “use their own voice.” “Be authentic to your experience. You cannot write about something if you never experienced it.”

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