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The BlAck KlAnsmAN: A case of mistaken identity, A MUST SEE THRILLER..or both?

Have you ever wanted to be like or become someone else? Has your heart’s desire ever yearned to go undercover and live a life you never imagined possible? If so, you are not alone because that’s EXACTLY what the first black Colorado Springs Police Officer did a decade after The Civil Rights Era.

The year was 1978 and the youngest,not to mention the only black police officer by the name of Ron Stallworth was trying to make a name for himself in an all white police department. Go figure. After being black faced and labeled “The Jackie Robinson” in his division (no pun intended) Jackie, oops I mean Ron kept his head held high and his dignity even higher in such a race related and hostile environment.

But then something happened!

In an attempt to keep all the “blacks civilized and in order” this brother was assigned to go undercover one night at a Colorado nightclub. It wasn’t until The Late and Great Stokely Carmichael spoke about Black Power,”the white man”,racial injustices,civil rights ETC. that he got his first piece of Black History Pie.

And then, guess what happened?

After stumbling across a classified Klu Klux Klan ad in the local paper Ron decided to write a letter under the guise of a white supremacist, and it worked! Shortly after stating that he wanted to unite and “take their country back”, he got a call from the KKK’s local organizer in which they agreed to meet. Now due to Ron’s pigment, he decided to wait a week until he found ” the white Ron Stallworth.”

Now here’s the kicker….

In order for it to seem like they were talking to one person and one person only, both Ron’s had to keep a continual flow of conversation at all times. While Black Ron kept the conversational and hate filled phone calls flowing, White Ron showed up to all the meetings and rallies,even though they sounded nothing alike.

During their 9 month reign of pure genius yet deceit against this hateful hooded affliation Ron not only gained membership, he was able to stop the burning of crosses on 3 occasions, the ambush of hate crimes against gays and homosexuals, shortly after a leadership role in the local KKK chapter was granted. Although his true identity was never revealed his story lives on today.

It is now 2017 and two of Hollywood’s Most Esteemed Black Filmmakers, Spike Lee and Jordan Peele(Get Out) now want a taste of Mr. Stallworth’s Black Power Pie. Scheduled to be released sometime in 2018 this real life portrayal of The BlAck KlAnsmAn will be toplined by none other than John David Washington (HBO Ballers, Denzel Washington’s son). Talk about Black Power And Black Men Doing Something Positive for The Black Community.

Right On Brothers!


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