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Marshall: THE Movie

Thurgood Marshall.

Lawyer by day. Black Panther by night.

You might’ve read about him during Black History Month. Or perhaps you may have had to write a story  about him in school, like I did growing up. Speaking of school not only was Mr. Marshall THE First AfrI-CAN AMERICAN Supreme Court Justice for The NAACP, this brother is one of the reasons for the desegregation of schools in America. After The Supreme Court found it “unconstitutional” for black and white children to attend separate classrooms and schools Brother Thurgood led the regime to dismantle the “separate but equal” doctrine in public education. Oh yes Mr. Marshall and his affiliates made it possible for US all to sit in the same classroom and attend the same schools! Brown vs. Board Of Education, ring any bells? Talk about history being made folks!

Although Brother Marshall passed away in 1993, his-story is coming back to life. And by life, I mean THE BIG SCREEN my brothers and sisters.

Directed by The Great Reginald Hudlin, Marshall will be debuting in a theater near you on October 13,2017! This phenomenal line up stars Chadwick Boseman as Thurgood(42, Get on Up, Avengers, Captain America) Emmy Award winning actor Sterling K. Brown( This is Us, The People vs. OJ) Jussie Smollett (Empire),Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas(TLC), Kate Hudson, and the hilarious Josh Gad just to name a few. This film will orbit around one of the first cases of Mr. Marshall’s career in which his client Joseph Spell( Sterling K. Brown) is being accused of rape and attempted murder by a white woman,Eleanor Strubing,(Kate Hudson). UGH…Go figure!


Get your popcorn and milk duds ready people!

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