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A MUST SEE: A ‘Bad Boys’ Spinoff is coming to NBC!

Bad boys. Bad Boys. What cha’ gonna do? What cha’ gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys,bad boys…..

Now that we’ve somewhat gotten that infamous tune out our heads have I got an ANNOUNCEMENT FOR YOU! Are you ready? A BAD BOYS SPINOFF STARRING “The Oh so beautiful-Oh so talented” Gabrielle Union is currently in the works! After the recent cancellation of her hit show, ‘Being Mary Jane’ on BET,sis has since become a NY Times Best Selling Author of her newly released tell-all book, “We’re gonna need more wine as well!”

Sidenote: AIN’T NOBODY mad, but the devil!

Anywho,this upcoming pilot will orbit around Syd Burnett’s(Gabrielle Union) transition from Miami to LA as a new LAPD Detective.Now if you remember in Bad Boys II we last saw Syd  as one of the masterminds behind the taking down of Miami’s biggest drug cartel alongside her brother Marcus Burnett(Martin Lawrence) and on screen love interest Mike Lowery, played by Will Smith. With high hopes and intentions of leaving her past behind Syd can almost smell the scent of a new life and new beginning ,that is until her new partner, Nancy Mckenna, tries to unmask the secrets that she tries so hard to keep hidden from everyone, including herself!

While details are still emerging on casting and an actual release date we can be sure that this will be yet another hit for Queen Gabrielle!

Until next time folks…..

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