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Steven Caple To Direct ‘Creed 2’ Instead Of Ryan Coogler

Creed 2 is getting a new director.

Source: Bryan Bedder / Getty

Michael B. Jordan announced, on Instagram today, Steven Caple, Jr. will be directing Creed 2. According to Variety, MGM and Warner Bros. enlisted Caple to helm the award-winning sequel while Ryan Coogler is busy filming the highly anticipated film Black Panther.

Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone an Tessa Thompson will reprise their roles in the reinvented boxing series. Coogler will reportedly join on as the executive producer on the film. Caple, who was personally chosen by Jordan and Stallone, will helm the original screenplay penned by Stallone.

“It’s an honor to be a part of such an iconic franchise and to work with such great collaborators,” Caple told Variety. “Mike, Sly, and Tessa are extraordinarily talented and bring something special to today’s culture. I look forward to joining the family and continuing the precedent set by this franchise’s alumni of incredible filmmakers.”

Stallone, who won an Oscar for his role, is excited to have Caple on board the project.

“I believe it’s important for the director to also be a part of this generation like I was in mine, to make the story as relatable as possible,” he said. “We are extremely lucky to have the talented young filmmaker Steven Caple Jr. step up and accept the role of director. I am confident that he and Michael B. Jordan will hit it out of the park!”

Creed 2 is set to hit theaters November 21, 2018.


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