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Posts by charisma Bell

Dove Apologizes for Racist New Ad

It would be easy to think that some companies thrive off of controversy and riling up Black Twitter, that they allow blatantly offensive and hurtful behavior despite having a hired team of professionals to prevent exactly that. Consumers are starting to question how these worldwide, multimillion dollar corporations can “miss the mark” so many times…

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Tim Burton Speaks On Why Diversity Has No Place in His Films

Believe it or not, the #OscarssoWhite movement was only earlier this year, since then, Hollywood has been taken to task about its long history of narrow representation. People of color have been speaking out for a very long time about our dissatisfaction regarding white washed cinema and despite some strides, some directors/actors remain steadfast in…

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Colin Kaepernick Takes A Public Stand Amidst Backlash

This weekend, San Francisco 49er’s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to make a very brave gesture regarding America’s treatment of people of color. When asked during a later press conference why he remained seated during the National Anthem, he responded by critiquing the American flag not as a symbol of unity but one of injustice. “I’m…

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Dating app lets you choose skin color #shutdownsmoochr

  In what is being called the new virtual paper bag test, a new dating app called smoochr has caught the internet’s attention for all the wrong reasons. It is a site that seems both long overdue (thanks to what feels like decades of the disease that is colorism) and an equally depressing view of…

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