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DC Comics has done it yet AGAIN folks and this is one YOU don’t wanna miss! After nearly 30 years BLACK LIGHTNING IS BACK ya’ll!!!! This exciting new series orbits around Black Lightning himself, a superhero that holds all power in his hands to control the waves of electrical forces! Now retired, Jefferson Pierce aka…

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A MUST SEE: A ‘Bad Boys’ Spinoff is coming to NBC!

Bad boys. Bad Boys. What cha’ gonna do? What cha’ gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys,bad boys….. Now that we’ve somewhat gotten that infamous tune out our heads have I got an ANNOUNCEMENT FOR YOU! Are you ready? A BAD BOYS SPINOFF STARRING “The Oh so beautiful-Oh so talented” Gabrielle Union is…

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Dove Apologizes for Racist New Ad

It would be easy to think that some companies thrive off of controversy and riling up Black Twitter, that they allow blatantly offensive and hurtful behavior despite having a hired team of professionals to prevent exactly that. Consumers are starting to question how these worldwide, multimillion dollar corporations can “miss the mark” so many times…

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The NightLife Chronicles by Shawn Flossy

Battling her natural instinct to play men and her common sense to be monogamous, Taya Roberts learns her true fate. It’s not that she isn’t ready to settle down rather she just can’t imagine what life would be like without her options. Until she meets Michael Keith who spins her world upside down. His debonair…

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Marshall: THE Movie

Thurgood Marshall. Lawyer by day. Black Panther by night. You might’ve read about him during Black History Month. Or perhaps you may have had to write a story  about him in school, like I did growing up. Speaking of school not only was Mr. Marshall THE First AfrI-CAN AMERICAN Supreme Court Justice for The NAACP,…

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OPRAH WINFREY: The NEW And IMPROVED Face of CBS “60 Minutes”

Oprah Winfrey. I mean what more needs to be said…right? Her name alone is a statement in itself. As if being dubbed “The Queen of ALL Media” isn’t enough homegirl has done it all over again ya’ll! As host of The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986-2011), actress,producer, philanthropist, broadcaster, African-American Media Titleholder, oh and let’s not…

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Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Greatness

  Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Greatness is a call to action to challenge black women to live up to their full potential. Black women are strong, beautiful, astute and invaluable leaders worthy of the title “Queen.” This book insists that black women raise their personal standards and lead lives reflective…

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What Becomes of a Broken Soul by Raquel M. R. Thomas

What Becomes of a Broken Soul by Raquel M. R. Thomas Rachel is in love with Richard or she might be. She finds herself drawn to this man who has entered her life seemingly by chance, who isn’t pushy, and who makes her feel safe. Rachel is an adult now. She is capable of making…

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