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Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Lit Ish was created solely to close the gap on the ambitious artist with no voice. Tapping into black arts, culture, current events, books, film, music, and performing arts, our scope has been to celebrate the arts and those who create it. We provide intelligent reviews, and educated views on current events that are affecting our communities, all the while creating original content.

Lit Ish cultivates smart writers who range from young to old, degree holders to those holding down a nine to five, who all share a love for culturally based arts. Whether it’s a book or a movie, our writers passionately express their views on what our readers dub as entertainment.

With our original shows, we aim to expose musical talents, filmmakers, actors, and prominent topics. We currently air What She Said, Lit Ish Soul, and Voices Behind Lit on our YouTube channel, allowing our readers to visually connect with our artists and those we expose.
Our creator and many of our staff have worked with hundreds of artists and writers, to build trustworthy relationships, along with the efforts of celebrating all things culturally based.

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