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Book Review: Secrets of a Jewel

Usually “socialites” have little to no talent, other than being connected to a famous BFF. (Think: any Kardashian sister.) However, don’t lump Juliet “Juju” C. in that category though. The Love & Hip Hop cast member and fiance of Harlem rapper, Killa Cam, recently released her first book entitled, Secrets of a Jewel and it…

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Beyonce Pregnant With TWINS!!!

  Hold up!  Wait a minute!!!! Yes, Beyonce is pregnant with twins. Read that line again. Yes, pregnant…The 20- time Grammy winner announced today via her Instagram that she is indeed expecting not one but two babies with her husband, Jay Z. On her Instagram she said holding her new baby bump. “We would like…

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Marques Houston is a changed Man

You just might begin to rethink pretending you’re not home when Jehovah Witnesses are knocking at your door! You never know who might be sent out to do field service, maybe even Marques Houston. Yes ladies Marques Houston! The same Marques Houston that melted our young hearts as Batman in R&B group Immature, the same…

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Jay Z shares a piece of our minds

In response to the current events that has us all hesitant to turn on any sort of media today for fear of hearing of yet another innocent black life lost Jay Z releases “Spiritual”. The lyrics are very repetitive in points but the meaning gets deep over a simple dark beat accompanied by a haunting…

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Birdman and his new beard at the BET Awards

I know there are tons of more important issues at hand but am I the only one with this face every time I see Toni and Birdman together    Don’t get me wrong they do say that opposites attract BUT if you’re like me and are good at reading body language you can’t help but…

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Top 5 Greatest Stories Ever Told in Hip-Hop

There has always been a link between hip-hop and literature. In fact, hip-hop began as a means of telling the story of the ghetto, the have nots. So it’s no surprise that some of hip-hop’s greatest artists have penned stories that are fit for any best-selling novel of today. Often times, because of the sometimes…

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Books Are A Business!

I am destined to be a star.  This is what I told myself as I would sing my favorite Janet Jackson tune into my hairbrush while looking at myself in the mirror.  This dream was a short-lived because reality set in.  I was indeed going to be a star, but not for singing and dancing.…

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Drake’s 2 New Leaks

So in case you were like the most of us and you were a little focused on the Kehlani situation you may have missed Drake leaking 2 new tracks! The first, titled ‘These Days’, is a slow melancholic song with piano chords that tug at the heartstrings of the best of us. I could definitely see this…

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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s New Project

From the same sexy duo that bought us ‘Beware’ and ‘I know’ comes a new joint EP dubbed ‘Twenty88’ which is set to drop April 1st on Tidal. So far all we’ve gotten is a cover which shows orange wig clad Aiko peering over the shoulder of Big Sean and a few video teasers.   The…

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