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Misogynistic is a strong word to describe Kendrick Lamar

Salenna Russello did a study on The Impact of Media Exposure on Self-Esteem and Body Satisfaction in Men and Women and through her research, she found that women do feel pressured to look a certain way because of the media. Because of that exposure, women want to look perfect when there is no such thing.…

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All Hail the Queen: 3D Na’tee

Remember when femcees had crazy lyrical skills, integrity, a lot of consciousness and sex appeal? Think, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah  (okay, well maybe not the sex appeal part there but you get the point), Lauryn Hill, and Remy Ma. Fortunately, it appears those days are coming back.  We know that Remy Ma has been smashing…

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Are We Getting That Old Thang Back with Trey Songz?

    Recently, the internet has been going crazy because of Can’t Help But Wait artist, Trey Songz and his Snapchat. Yes, Trey Songz is fine, but that’s not what has both the guys and girls in shock. Trey Songz posted a Snapchat video of him in braids. Now, for the fans who need a reminder,…

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T.I. Creates Soundtrack For the Struggle With New EP

Last week we told you about Atlanta rapper T.I.’s new video for his song “War Zone” which boldly and vividly flipped the roles of racism. Well, the former trap star took things a step further and released a whole EP/ mixtape of scathing lyrical commentary and angst about the current state of the Black community.…

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We Might Just Get A New Tribe Called Quest Album After All?

  A new A Tribe Called Quest LP may be arriving in the very near future. Dedicated Okayplayer readers may recall that we almost lost our damn minds when word reached us that ATCQ had been in the studio and working on new material before Phife Dawg passed away so tragically and unexpectedly. But now there is…

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The Return of Kool and the Gang

With a totally new sound after a near decade hiatus the super group returns with their new hit simply titled “Sexy”. In case you forgot exactly who Kool and the Gang are, remember those Saturday mornings when you wake up and you hear “Get Down on It” or “Ladies Night” and you knew they were…

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Jay Z shares a piece of our minds

In response to the current events that has us all hesitant to turn on any sort of media today for fear of hearing of yet another innocent black life lost Jay Z releases “Spiritual”. The lyrics are very repetitive in points but the meaning gets deep over a simple dark beat accompanied by a haunting…

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Alicia Keys embraces the skin she’s in

With new music on the way AK found herself feeling insecure and weighed down with the stress that comes with being in the forefront. But this time around instead of feeling the nee to accept that everything she wears and does will be scrutinized and adapt to pleaser her criticx she took a different route.…

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Raven Symone drops two new tracks….yay?

Recently the controversial talk show host released two new songs on her soundcloud. After a 8 year musical hiatus she has returned with Sarafina and Cruise Control.   So Sarafina kind of sounds like something that you would expect to hear in the ending credits of a Bollywood movie.  On the page there is a…

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