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Posts Tagged ‘Rihanna’

5 days of Women’s History Month with 5 Women

Ladies and Gentlemen, after coming from a strong Black History Month, we have now entered March. March is just as important because this month we celebrate Women’s History Month. This month we celebrate the paths that we dominated and continue to dominate. Though Beyonce told us that girls, in fact, rule the world, we’ll take…

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Rihanna’s Boss Move

Proving that she is more than just a pretty face with a voice our fave island gyal just made a major power move. Rihanna has reportedly aquired the masters to all of her music! This is the ultimate goal for any business minded artist that is serious about their craft and money. So for those…

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Chris Brown’s Documentary

So Chris Brown is releasing a documentary that will cover a wide array of his story, his way. While he only gives us a small tease of what is to come with a trailer just over two minutes long we know its gonna be a good one. Based on the trailer we can expect to…

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