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Posts Tagged ‘staywoke’

Stay Woke Series: No Vacation For Us

  The latest news is that there has been another police shooting of an unarmed Black person, this time, in Florida. This is why we MUST continue our #staywoke series. In our latest installment, Charisma Bell pens a tale of a vacation gone wrong. #staywoke   She’s never been one for biology. Science as a…

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#StayWoke Series: Timed Out

In this installment of the Stay Woke series, author T.C. Mattison presents her story, Timed Out. . . Although we had not shared space for quite some time, its presence was easily noticed. The heaviness, the burden, the fear, the shallow stabs of pain, the inability to rest seeped into my spirit and waited. Death…

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Stay Woke! Kisha’s Story

  I live a regular life and for the most part, I am quite happy with it, but I wish I could change some things. For example, I would love to be a millionaire, spend vacations in the Hamptons, and travel the world. I would also like to be afforded the same opportunities I see…

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